Sick baby, Wrestling Match, Crazy Selfie and Family Game Night ~ MOMENTS I WANT TO REMEMBER

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snotty girlMost our family has a yucky cold, in a one year old with long hair that means snot crusted to her face with hairs stuck like cement… This little gal just got “de-boogered” in the bath and we are hoping these braids can keep the hair out of the war zone for at least a few hours.

maveric wresstling

Another night of wrestling for my favorite 5 year old in the 43 lb weight class. He has so much fun, win or loose he is still all smiles which I adore! #wrestling #goodjoblittlebuddy

mckeely selfie

My weird kid stole my phone and left me a goofy selfie… Makes me laugh, she is an odd ball just like her Mom.

monopoly game

No electronics on Sunday means a 3 hour game of Monopoly and lots of giggling #familygamenight #ialwaysendupinjail