Smoke in the air over Boise Valley

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One of the reasons I love Idaho is the wide open spaces and clean air.  Well due to all the fires the last  few weeks our air is fair from clean right now.  In fact we have an air quality alert with an “orange” level right now, which is NOT good.  As someone who has struggled in the past with asthma and having my son with heart issues this low quality  air has me praying for rain or a good storm to clear all this smoke out of the air quick.

But there is always a bright side… while at my parents house the other night the smoke in the air made the sun glow and radiate a beautiful red glow.  It was stunning and the sun set was even better!

The smoke has really set in the last 36 hours and has made our valley look a bit gloomy:(

Photo: Idaho Statesman, Joe Jaszewski