Snowman Christmas Ornament~ Easy DIY

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Snowman Christmas Ornament~ Easy DIY

Here is a quick, festive ornament that would make a great gift made from a few inexpensive supplies.  I love snowmen, and I love that this little guy’s nose lights up!

You will need

Grosgrain ribbon for the scarf

LED tea light

Black paint marker or sharpie

Hat (optional)

Hot glue gun

I was at my local, small craft store a few days ago and saw these adorable little hats.  I didn’t know at the time what I was going to do with them, but I knew I had to come up with something!  Look how cute they are?!  I am not sure if you can find them at all craft stores.  This was a little, family owned place that has some odd things sometimes.  I do think that these little snowmen would be cute with a piece of felt for the hat if you can’t find some small top hats!

snowman Christmas ornament, #easy, #diy, #christmas, #snowman, #snowmancrafts, #Christmascrafts, #tealights, #dollarstorecrafts, #ribbon

Begin by warming your hot glue gun.  I use mine all the time.  They are super inexpensive and last forever.  I would suggest you have one on hand.

This is the one I have, but it does get hot.  Here is a low temp option also.

These tea lights are the best price I have seen, I would grab some and make these for gifts!

Put a small line of hot glue around the outside of your tea light candle.  Wrap the ribbon around and press it on the glue making sure to leave some overhanging for the scarf.

snowman Christmas ornament, #easy, #easy, #diy,  #snowman, #snowmancrafts,#christmas, #Christmascrafts, #tealights, #dollarstorecrafts, #ribbon

If you have something to use for a hat glue it on the top now.  Cut a small piece of the same ribbon and use it as a hanger, gluing it to the back.

Now take a paint marker or sharpie and draw on his eyes and mouth.

Let him dry, and give him as a cute gift!

snowman Christmas ornament, #christmas,#easy, #easydiy,  #snowman, #snowmancrafts, #Christmascrafts, #tealights, #dollarstorecrafts, #ribbon

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