Spam Meal For One Just $1.18 At Walmart – New Product For Spam Lover’s

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spam meal for 1

Spam Meal for 1 comes in a couple of varieties.  Spam & Red Beans and Spam w/ Penne Pasta & Alfredo Sauce.

These meals are microwaveable & ready in just 60 seconds.

Talk about fast!

Spam lovers out there that are going to want to try this.

I found this under zip code 74777.

Spam Meal For 1 – $2.18 (Walmart)  

spam meal for 1 q


This coupon can be found under zip code 74777.

Follow the directions below on how to change your zip code.


I found this coupon under zip code 74777.  Click ‘categories’ then click ‘household’ to locate your coupon faster.  If you do not see them in your zip Follow instructions below on how to change your zip code.

Use zip code 74777.

  • See how to change your zip code here.
  • Go to this link, type in desired zip
  • Click the blue arrow
  • Come back to the post, click the link for your coupon (and sometimes find your coupon at the top clipped)!

*Please note:  Unclip the Kellogg’s cereal coupon if you do not need it to save your ink!*