Spotify ~ Give it a try, why not it is FREE

Ingard here, I have been using Spotify for a month or more now.

I really like it and recommend Spotify.

Here is why I like it…

You can search for music in Spotify’s search bar and test out:

  • music that you haven’t heard in forever (like my 80’s car music :D)
  • what was on the radio today in the car
  • some song or group that your child is interested in and you want to make sure it is appropriate before you buy
  • this list could go on

Another reason I like it Spotify over other online products:

I can create my own playlists:

taken from albums or artist that I have interest in.

Using the Spotify radio function you can get the program to a play music based on an artist and if you don’t like it you can skip it and there are not restrictions to how many you can pass over.

You can join Spotify can share what your listening to with your FaceBook friends (be careful now) or listen to what your friends are enjoying

Look for this icon next to their names in chat

You can get Spotify on your phone too for a monthly (I don’t). For the FREE subscription on your computer you do have to endure advertisements (I don’t find them painful)