spread some “Snappiness” $5 credit to you and a freind

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Thanks to Savings and Steawardship for passing along this thrifty deal!


This holiday season, Snapfish would like to help you spread some “Snappiness”. During the 2010 holiday Season, Snappy can help you celebrate the people who inspire you. When you dedicate a special photo and create a holiday memory, Snappy will give you both a special Snappy surprise.


How do I spread some Snappiness?


In 3 Snappy Steps:

  • Celebrate: Choose any person who has made a difference in your life this year to spread thanks, joy, or good wishes this holiday season.
  • Honor: Upload a photo of your most 2010 cherished memory with a short message to express how much that person means to them (including the e-mail and name of recipient). (Upload to www.facebook.com/snapfish — be sure to click the “Snappiness” link.)
  • Share: Share the photo of your most cherished memory with the person whom inspires you the most and with the Snapfish family via Facebook. The photo and special message will be shared on that friend’s Facebook Wall and in the “Spread Some Snappiness” photo album.


For every photo and message shared by registered Facebook users, they will receive a $5 credit towards any gift on Snapfish.com (limit one per person). The recipient will also receive a $5 credit. Users will also have the opportunity to pick their favorite picture from the “Spread Some Snappiness” photo album. Additionally, for each photo and message uploaded in the “Spread Some Snappiness” photo album, Snapfish will make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation on that user’s behalf.


Want to spread even more Snappiness?


Vote: Pick your favorite picture from the Snappiness Photo Album, and click “Like.” The image with the most votes (“Likes”) will be entered into a drawing for 1000 free prints announced on January 7, 2011.


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