Stay healthy and be thrifty with Kellogg’s and Campbell’s

Spring is in the air – with the warm weather comes picnic’s, flying kites and garden’s. All are fun and can help keep you active. And after a long winter with cold weather keeping people indoor’s, I really can not wait to get things going. Gardening to help the kids learn about vegetables, both how to grow them  and learn to love them and eat them.

A few years back we tried to start a garden. We got the plastic sheets to grow the seeds in. We even made it a family project. All the kids helping cover the dirt over the seeds. We worked so hard on that wanna-be garden project.   After a couple weeks of effort, the seeds all started to sprout! The kids loved it. They even made little signs to show what each row was growing. Well after many weeks of work, our garden failed. The plants died and dried out. A few days of hot weather, mixed with forgetful watering ended our garden hopes.

But we still had healthy meals, and healthy snacks all year with help from Kellogg’s and Campbell’s. And just recently they combined their healthy stance and create the program Live Whole Heartedly. And to live healthy and thrifty make sure you print your Campbell’s and Kellogg’s coupons they have available through their site.