Sucking up Popsicle juice ~ Summer is here

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popcicle sucker

Summer is here, I am enjoying my kids but feel like I am in a bit of a wind tunnel of constant mess making.  I walked into my kitchen to see a popsicle melted in a puddle .  Right next to it was a bag of wheat thins just DUMPED in the middle of the walkway.  It is as if my childrens minds are connected right to their hands.  Every time they get a new thought or idea they just DROP everything they have in their hands and move on.  They seem to leave a trail where ever they go.

So I called to the boys to come clean up the mess, only to round the corner and find two little bottoms in the air.  I asked them WHAT they where doing… ” We are sucking up the popsicle juice like a dog”.

 Great one more mess to clean up 🙂

popcicle sucker