Summer Bucket List ~ #Family #Summer #DIY

summer bucket list, #summer, #summeractivities, #summerboredombusters, #summertime

Summer Bucket List

I don’t know why it always seems to happen, but my family always has great ideas and fun things we want to do during summer break that never happen!  We forget them as the summer goes on, and then remember when summer is drawing to a close and it is too late to do the fun things we intended to do!  Well this year it isn’t happening!  Have you ever heard of a bucket list?  There was a movie about it several years ago where 2 older men made a list of things they wanted to do before they “kicked the bucket”.  Granted, going back to school may feel like their life is over, but our list is just a summer “bucket list” of things we want to do before school starts again.

We took some time as a family and let everyone spout out ideas of what they would like to do and then I just typed it out. Since I love fonts, I made each of mine a different font and added a open circle bullet point at the beginning of each item so we can check them off as we complete them.  (I just did this in word)  There was no wrong answer, nothing off limits.

Of course, some of the things aren’t going to end up happening, but what fun we will have trying to knock as many off of our list as we can!

summer bucket list, #summeractivities,#summer, #summerboredombusters, #summertime