How to Easily Cut A Whole Watermelon Into Cubes

HOW TO EASILY CUT A WHOLE WATERMELON INTO CUBES, Picnic ideas, #Watermelon, #Summer, #DIY #HowToCubeAMelonHow to Easily Cut A Whole Watermelon Into Cubes

When there is hot weather my family tends eat a lot of fruits and veggies… anything cool. That being said we eat a lot of watermelon. So I have become pretty good at chopping these bad boys up into nice bite sized cubes, perfect for little hands and on the go meals like picnics. I just cute them up, then put them into bowls or zipper bags in the refrigerator and if I am lucky they will last at least a few days. Not because they go bad, but because my family gobbles them up as fast as I can cut them.

how to cube a watermelonFirst you will need a sturdy long knife ( I like this Rachel Ray Knife set) one that will slice threw a watermelon in one easy motion. As you can see in the photo my cuts are not always straight ( looks like the food network will not be calling me anytime soon for my jazzy knife skills).


Rachael Ray Knife Set

Take your knife and wack off the top and bottom of the watermelon so it can sit on a pan without moving.

how to cube a watermelonNow take your knife and cut long sections from top to bottom off the rind.  Go around the whole watermelon and take all the rind off, then go back over it to take any white rind off you might have missed.

how to cube a watermelonWhile your melon is still standing make cuts from top to bottom to cut the melon into one inch slices.  You really need a long knife to have nice even cuts for this part.

how to cube a watermelon

Split it into two equal parts, and lay them down on a baking tray or cutting board. Now make one inch cuts all along the melon on both sides going horizontal.  Then turn your knife and go the other way, this time making one inch vertical cuts.  Now you are done… your whole melon is now cut into perfect 1 inch cubes.

Your family will be super impressed with your new skills, just be careful and don’t chop your finger off with the first WACK (ya I almost did that once…. shhh don’t tell).

how to cube a watermelon

Perfect 1 inch squares.

How to Easily Cut A Whole Watermelon Into Cubes

Please note that the watermelon in these photos was a little over ripe, and not as firm as I normally like them.

how to cube a watermelon

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