Take a normal sandwich and turn it into a Valentine’s Day Sandwich- Perfect for school lunch!


1 cute pinterestWhat a fun surprise for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day!
Add a special love note and some other yummy sides,
and bring a smile to your; child, husband, or even yourself in the middle of the day. 
2 ingredientsSupplies needed:
Heart shape cutter
A slice of Wheat and a slice of White Bread
Peanut Butter

Cut the 2 hearts out of each piece of bread.  Remove cut-out part of the white bread and put it in the cut-out of the wheat bread.  Carefully put peanut butter on one side and jelly on the other side.  Put the two pieces of breads together.
You are done!
3 lastMy 91 year old Grandma (GG) loved hers.  She giggled when she ate it.

Suggestions for alternatives:
Any kind of inners for a sandwich work

Such as:

Tuna Fish
Waldorf chicken sandwich
We love to grill our peanut butter sandwiches

Cookie Cutters:
Teddy Bear

You can find lots of HEART SHAPED COOKIE CUTTERS online, shipped right to your door.

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