Thankful Turkey Hands – Easy Craft

Thankful Turkey Hands

Hey all! It’s Katie. Thanksgiving is upon us next week. It’s always a great time to talk about being grateful. This is a fun easy craft you can do with kids in preschool or grade school or for family night. It would be a nice craft to keep kids busy for a bit the day of Thanksgiving too!   

All you need to make Thankful Turkey Hands is a piece of paper for each person and some markers, crayons, or colored pencils. You can add googly eyes, glitter, feathers, or anything else!

First, trace your child’s hand on the paper.

Then they can add an eye, beak, and gobbler. On each feather have them write one thing they are thankful for. My kindergartner is still learning to spell so I wrote down what he said and then he copied it on to his turkey.

They can then color in the turkey and add some feet.  You can cut these out or leave them as is.

Here are my kids’ Thankful Turkey Hands.

Hope you enjoy this easy Thanksgiving craft for kids!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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