The Digest Diet Cookbook Review ~ A healthier 2013 here we come!


 Ingard here, I got the joy of reviewing The Digest Diet Cookbook!

I soon realized it wasn’t an ordinary cookbook of diet friendly recipes but a diet written by the editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello for the Reader’s Digest with back up science. The Digest Diet Cookbook  has all the information one needs to do a 21 day fat releasing diet, and then how to continue to your weight loss goal. I was happy too that this diet can be lived and is not a fad diet to quickly loose weight just to get into that summer bikini (Jimminy, I just want to feel comfortable in my one piece for crying out loud). It is a sustainable way of eating for life.

  • I was impressed that it was broken down into fat releasing foods and what foods those are!
  • You can eat these but also eat others. There is a back up of science to support their claims even!

The Digest Diet Cookbook is well organized, teaching the reader how to:

  • plan their food life
  • organize the pantry
  • organize the kitchen
  • and meal planning

There are a number of tables that help you:

  • learn what to eat
  • how to manage your environment (relating to food)
  • how to plan your meals


The photos are beautifully done making the food appetizingly tempting.


I tried the fast release shake; which is in phase one and is pictured above.
It was not as sweet as my mind expected it would be from my experience with other shakes.
The chocolate and nut butter remind me of a peanut butter cup. I felt it would stick with me for a while and that I could do 4 days of this, LoL.
However, the shake was chock full of healthy foods that are easy to find in any grocery store and many that I had in my pantry.


I am super excited to try more recipes while I do this program.

There is a Digest Diet website too!


You can find the The Digest Diet Cookbook on Amazon if you are looking

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Thank you to the Digest Diet for the chance of this review and some to give away in the future. 😀