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My grandmother taught me how to live on a budget, how to have fun, and be who you are. She had to quit school in the 6th grade to help at home but ran two businesses with my grandfather. She had fire red hair and I loved her dearly and miss her so much.
I love the fact that my Mom made our clothes also when I was little and gardened and canned. She lost her Mom at the age of 5 from TB but was lucky enough to be raised by family who taught her to do all this and still are very close. And lucky for me she was my Mom.
My mom always taught me to be resourceful. Don’t just throw things away. If you can use them in another way, make sure to do that. Don’t waste. The mayo jar is empty, can you use it in another way? yes. Store spare bobbins or buttons in them. A shirt is ripped beyond repair, Use the fabric for a quilt and make sure to take those buttons off and save them for something that you might need them for.
My Mom was always cooking! By example I saw how cooking from scratch was cheaper than eating out. She makes really good food! And even now I often ask her for recipes!



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