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Jeannie Lovins

I learned this from my mother in-law, when ever she made sloppy joe’s she would add a can of pork n beans to the meat,it didn’t hurt the flavor and helped stretch the meat farther, i do it all the time for my family and my kids just love it.


I think the most thrifty thing my mom taught us was spoken with actions and not so much her words. Growing up there were 3 of us and my dad was the only worker. My mom stayed at home and had dinner cooked every night for my dad when he got home, and the house spic & span. We didn’t have the coolest things, we didn’t have the newest clothes, we went to Save-A-Lot and got off brands instead of the real Lucky Charms, but we had our mom, day and night, and that’s something that money, nor any item can ever compare to. Having my mom there at home with us everyday loving us was all we needed. She could have gotten a job, and provided us with more “materials” but was it needed? No. Now, as I am an adult and have my own little boy, I look back and realize how rich we were in so many different areas than other’s. My parents have always put our needs before their own, and fulfilled them completely and some! Now, I’m a full-time worker, a single mom, and a student, and when I had my son guess who quit her full-time job to be at home with Xavier (my son)? My mother – Now not only did I get to have her love every day, but so does my son, and that means so much to me.


I am a fitness instructor and most jobs are 20 minutes from my home. It is super important to rehydrate and refuel after classes. Rather than stop at a drive through, I always keep a drink of iced tea in an insulated cup in my car plus a healthy snack in my purse.

Also, I map out my trips the night before so I can run errands to and from classes. I park at the edge of parking lots, trying when possible to park in the shade for a cooler car in our Florida heat. I keep a cooler in my trunk for trips to the store for food safety . I use old milk cartons as ice packs for the cooler.

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