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Each day we will be posting our readers “Thrifty Advice My Mama Taught Me”.   At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25.00  Gift Card For all the details click here.
Jessica Villagomez
My mom was a single mother of two after my father pass away when i was 4years old. so we did all of my lunches for school, as well as my clothing was from second hand store. my mother will make our own juices instead of buying them. when we where to go shopping our list was made our off everything that was on sale, if my mom didn’t have a coupon for it our it was not on sale we did not buy it. to this date i’m now 27 years old i have not purchases any food at regular retail price. so my husband loves my thrifty shopping.
Veronica B
My Single Mom could not afford to buy Tortillas, so she made them everyday we had them with everything. So now I make my own flour tortillas…. 1 can of Baking Powder: $1.78, salt 50 cents and I buy a 50 pound sack of Flour for like $7.00 at Costco… Being Homemade; PRICELESS!
My mom passed away four years ago at the age of 70. Up to her last day, my mom was a do-it-yourselfer. She passed this on to me and my siblings. There pretty much wasn’t anything that my mom and dad would not tackle. From sewing (curtains to upholstery) to builing an addition, my family has reaped the benefits of my mom’s example of not letting the lack of funds keep me from improving our lives. I will always be thankful for my mom’s example.


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