(another) Thrifty Halloween tip of the day


Each day we will be posting A Thrifty Halloween Tip, from our readers. At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25.00 Visa Gift Card. For all the details click here. Keep those thrifty tips coming!!!

Thanks to Mary A. for todays tip

image001This is a picture of our inexpensive way to make a child’s doggie costume. Our son loves his stuffed animal named Sue. So he wanted to be Sue for Halloween. We took a brown sweat suit, painted Jackson’s face like a dog, cut an old stained white turtle neck at the chest then I hot glued a seam across the top. Stuffed the arms of the turtleneck and used the neck opening to put over the top of his head for his ears, Stuffed a brown sock and pinned it on for his tail. Put black gloves on for his paw and of course he carried his friend Sue with him. It was so cute and cost me nothing! Happy Halloween!