Thrifty Halloween tip of the day


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Thanks to KeeKee for todays tip

I dont know if these would be soo thrifty but this is some of the things that I did last year and am planning too do again this year.
Due to the fact we live outside city limits, and the year before last, we tried rushing to houses, and totally missed all the candy given out in the mall (they said that some stores where out within 15minutes), so when we drove into the city looking to bring the kids trick r treating, not everyone was participating, so we could not just park the car and walk (like I did as I was a child) the gaps where huge, like 1 to 2 people per block (and at this time gas was still around 3-4 bucks a gallon, and note that we were in an old school Lincoln, love it to death but oh what a gasgusseler) and I have children that well we found out trying to get a kid out the car that can walk, and run to the door with a baby who cant walk yet, was oh so ever tiresome and costly at that).
With this being said, last year, I invited my brother over, and my close friend with her two kids, and our kids dressed up, and before hand, I purchased 2 big pumpkins, and 4 small pumpkins, some apples, and I went to Walgreens, when they had there coupons for there Halloween candy, I was able to buy a lot of creepy gummies for like .20 cents a set (really cheap to me). So I made punch and froze a mouse gummy and little hand gummys etc, in a little punch (like ice cubes) and I put the hand gummy in the punch bowl itself, so it was creepy looking, and the ice cubes had the little gummys in it. The kids laughed and enjoyed it.
Since, I purchased the pumpkins, my brother bought the pumpkin carving templates and carving thing, etc. I purchased some crayola washable paint, and had some paint brushes, and gave all the kids there own little pumpkin and poured the paint in little bowls, they loved it!! When there pumpkin was all full, they would be like awww…so I washed it off, and dried it… they had hours of fun. Until they were tired and we let them dry. I still have enough paint left over for this year also!! We also made chocolate covered apples with m&m’s together.
Us older folks, enjoyed listening to music, and carved the pumpkins, while the kids played, then we took an old sheet cut holes for eyes, and took a flashlight , and turned off the lights and played “where’s the ghost” (u must not have kid toys out while doing this lol) with the flashlight u put it on for a second or two so they can see where u were, and turn it off, and walk slowly around the house, and which ever kid finds you first, gets a treat (candy apple, or a candy out of the hat we had) We had soo much fun last year, and due to fact I was a passenger in an auto accident, trick or treating, or trunk or treating is out of the question this year, so we will probably do the same thing this year, since my walking is limited, and I will try to find more things to do… but they will enjoy it.. Oh, we’re also cooking, this year since its on a Sunday, and we are planning to watch a movie (Halloween related).
For there costumes, I purchased them online at target, the which costume was 4.81 and the fairy costume was 6.00, and I also purchased a chiffon and it qualified for free shipping, and also looked up promo codes, to get an extra 10percent off. For my baby I lucked up and bought her a winnie the pooh costume for 6bucks at the dollar general. I made sure to purchase a size a little bigger for the two oldest girls, because next year, they can switch, the other can be the witch and vice versa. Saving momma some much needed bucks! Oh, I also got my pumpkins on sale last year, because mom accidentally forgot about the 2 carving pumpkins, so it was the day before when I purchased them, and received 50percent off!
I also, go the day after or so,to get some discounted candy, etc, or decorations for the house.
Thank you for allowing me to share our family’s story with you. Have a good halloween.