Thrifty Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week?

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Got this from my inbox,

Help!! Teacher appreciation is next week (May 2nd-May 6th) and I am having troubles finding the perfect gifts to send in!! Our children have AMAZING teachers and we would like to send something in with them daily to let them know how much they mean to us. With all the budget cuts to our school district (they are even reducing the number of teachers in the district) it is very important to use to show our teachers that we support and appreciate them. Any thrifty ideas??? Thanks for the help!!

What are your ideas?  I would love to hear our readers feedback on this one!

We all know Teachers do not get paid what they should, personal care products are pricey so why not share a little coupon love and give a basket filled with items that we couponers are able to score for $1.00 or less… most the time FREE.


Here is a How Too idea post I did a few years back.. You can add a Gift Card, or Movie Tickets to spice it up a bit.

Lots of great deals on Spring plants.  Skip To My Lou has a free EDITABLE version of this printable!  Just type in your child’s name and click PRINT!

Add some movie tickets to these cute bag toppers by Domesticated Lady (free printable). Watch her FREE tutorial for making the cookies.  Or add some Popcorn, and some goodies if you are not feeling up to baking.

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