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Each day we will be posting A THRIFTY & IN LOVE TIP from one of our readers. At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25.00  Gift Card. For all the details click here. Keep those Random Acts of Love  tips  and experiences coming!!! What are your ideas? What are your experiences at the 28 Days of Random Acts of Love – good or bad… (photos are always fun too)

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Kathy f

Leaving stickie notes on the bathroom mirror with “I love you” written on it so it is the first thing they see when they wake up.


I feel like your recent blog posts are a hammer knocking down a wall of pride from inside myself in regards to my marriage. (That’s probably a good thing). After reading Matt’s last post, I realized that I have been putting “I” and “me” above all others-including my son at times, and the strain has really been present. I don’t know if it’s the after-Christmas bills blues and all that, but it’s like the stress has just boomed. So, I will try this 28 days challenge–it can only produce good in the end, right?


I leave to work before my honey, so i leave him notes attached to the milk or cereal or something, so i know he will see it each morning. He then sends me a text saying “thanks baby i love you have a SUPER DOOPER day”. its the best way to start of our mornings.


We only have one bathroom so our son’s bath toys are in our bathroom too. He has a set of foam alphabet letters that are always on the wall in the shower. I work a few hours earlier than him, so we aren’t up at the same time but every morning we leave each other fun messages with the foamies, seeing what we can come up with for each other with only one of each letter of the alphabet. It’s a riot and starts out our day thinking about each other.

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