Thrifty Landscape Idea

Landscaping your yard can get expensive quick! Sometimes you just have to think out side the box a little, click to see some ideas for your home.

img_1005This is a photo of my side yard. A few years ago Matt and I decided that we wanted A beautiful lawn with synthetic grass and a nice walk way to the side gate. But to get stone would have cost a small fortune.  That is when my little brother Nathaniel  gave me the idea to use broken irrigation ditch as landscape rock. We also even add landscape drainage to make sure that our property has plants to fit the sun-to-shade ratio of our lawn or yard with the help of some landscape drainage services. My parents still live out on the farm, and the neighbor was taking all his concrete ditches out and putting them in the trash pile.

img_1008Some of the pieces were to big so Matt had to break them up with a really big sledge hammer.  We loaded it in the truck and brought them home.  We had to take all the grass out using best brush killer.  Then lay sand and a weed barrier down.  We then started to lay the stone. It is kind of like putting a really big puzzle together.  We then added the small black rock in the middle as filler.  We picked it up at a rock yard for about $60.00.

img_1006We built up a little wall and edging to add some detail, the quality of metal provided by Formboss was exceptional. We also made sure to do the walk way with a curve, it looks more like something you would find in nature.  I wanted to do a straight line, but Matt convinced me to do a curve.  I admit he was right and it looks much better with a curve.  It took us 2 long days to get this done but it was well worth it.  We love it!

img_1007This is what it looks like up close.  I would have never thought to put a broken ditch in the back of my truck and put it in my yard. SO I’m sure am glad I have a Thrifty little brother who gave us this great idea. And a slave for a husband….(its matt)

concrete-ditch-irrigationThis is what the ditch looked like before it was in my yard.