Thrifty Travel game, for the kids!

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Bubble wrap

Thanks to Clela for passing along this great idea!!!

I found this idea this morning while playing on the computer, I thought it looked like a fun and easy idea for summer road trips.

What You Need:
Bubble wrap (the kind with large bubbles)
8.5 x 11-inch sheet of paper
Double-sided tape
Pencils, markers, crayons

1. Cut a piece of bubble wrap so it fits over the sheet of paper
2. Using the bubble wrap as a guide, draw images on the paper of different road trip sights. Get your child involved by talking about what you might see and asking them for suggestions (even if you’re unlikely to see one, keeping them on the lookout for an elephant could occupy a lot of time). Depending on their age, use colors, numbers, letters and symbols to give the game an educational element. If they are old enough, kids can draw the images themselves — or give them a sheet to make their own game. If you’re not comfortable drawing, find clipart online to print or cut out pictures from magazines and glue them in place.
3. Once the original is finished, make color copies of it so you’ll have multiples for all your kids or future trips.
4. Put double sided tape around the edge of the bubble wrap and stick in in place over the images.

When you’re traveling, kids can pop the bubbles as they spot each of the items on the sheet. If your child is too young to have the patience to wait, they’ll still have fun looking at the pictures and popping the bubbles on their own time.