Tip from reader



    Thanks to Helen for passing this info along,

    Jam Deal. With last Sunday’s $1 off MCP Pectin, Sure Jell or Certo the deals for jelly just get better. Yesterday at Paul’s on 12th in Nampa I found the $2 off sugar tearpad coupons. This was on the regular display, not a cardboard free stand. There were 2 displays at my Meridian Fred Meyers but they were all gone. At Fred Meyers the pectins are $2 and when you buy 4 a catalina prints out for $3. I hear the catalina is also at Albertsons…BUT at WINCO the MCP pectin is only $1.38. So it ends up being .68 for two after coupons and $2 toward you sugar. No Catalina at WINCO but cheaper price. This is just on the regular MCP pectin at WINCO, not as cheap for the other styles. I left lots of coupons at Nampa, just took 5. Check all your stores and you may find them, and saw both the Free Sugar coupons and MCP Sure Jell and Certo $1 coupons on ebay.