Todays City Smart Deal: Full Pest Control Treatment ($99 Value) For $39

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Humans can develop skin allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems due to pests. Mosquitoes and bed bugs, for instance, are known to cause rashes. Some people are also allergic to certain allergens carried by pests. At least 7% of the population is allergic to cockroaches. Cockroaches are also one of the leading causes of asthma among children.

2.           Protecting furniture, carpets, and clothes from damage and deterioration:

Burrowing insects commonly damage wooden and fabric components of furniture. Carpet bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, and moths are also attracted to fabric, using it as a food resource. It would be best to control pests to prevent expensive repair and replacement of furniture, carpets, and clothing.

3.               Food supply maintenance:

Food supply is important to the survival of the world’s population and, on a macroeconomic level, it affects the economy and most industries. In the absence of proper pest control services, nearly 20% of our food supply will be wasted by rodents.

An experienced pest control tech says rodents eat millions of dollars worth of food every year. When controlling the threat, food supplies can remain at manageable and useful levels. On the home front, pest control measures can prevent food waste and contamination.

In addition to consuming food, pests also leave behind undesirable organic matter such as dead skin, body parts, feces, and urine, all of which can negatively impact the quality of our food. It is also important to keep your business premises pest-free these days. Our commercial pest control experts in Dubai can provide you with pest elimination services for your commercial or business facility.