Turkey Candy Holder~Thanksgiving Decoration

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Turkey Candy Holder~Thanksgiving Decoration

This adorable, little turkey is just the right size to fill up with some candy and give as a gift, or use it as a Thanksgiving decoration in your own home or workplace.

Turkeys aren’t normally the cutest animal alive, but this one sure is a cutie!

You will need:

A small Terracotta pot

Scrapbook paper scraps

Googly eyes

Yellow or orange ribbon or scrapbook paper for feet

Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Candy to fill the pot

Begin by cutting a 2 inch circle out of brown card stock or construction paper.  Glue to the front of your pot.  Add the googly eyes.  Cut a small, orange triangle out and glue it on for the beak.  For the wattle (I think that is what that little red thing is called by his beak) I just cut a shape that resembled a letter p.  I just eye balled it and it is far from perfect, but looked cute to me!

Once I had my little turkey’s face done, I began on his feathers.  I grabbed a few scraps of fall colored paper.  These don’t need to be big at all, maybe 4 inches in length (depending on how tall you want your feathers) and 2-3 inches in width.  I drew myself a pattern to use and traced on the back of each piece of paper so that the pen marks wouldn’t show.  Hot glue those in to place.  You might want to hold them on and see which way you like them first.  Once you glue them on, getting them off isn’t pretty!

The pot seemed rather bare to me on the bottom.  I chose to add feet out of dark yellow ribbon I had on hand.  Cut 4 small strips. For this size pot I made mine about an inch long.  Hot glue them on where you want them.

Fill your turkey with candy, nuts, whatever treat sounds good to you!

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