Valentines Day Lifesaver Pencils ~ last minute kids gift idea

Thanks to  Party Craft’n Mommy for passing along this idea for thrifty Valentines decorations/ gift idea.  If you still need a last minute idea these are super cute!

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What you will need:

  • Valentines Day scrapbook paper
  • Pale pink scrapbook paper
  • Gray or silver scrapbook paper
  • Lifesavers (or any cylinder shaped candy)
  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • Double sided tape

Instructions: (based on Lifesavers measurements)

Cut Valentines Day scrapbook paper 3-1/4? by 3?, which will act as the body of the pencil. The pink scrapbook paper, 3-1/4? by 1/2? will act as the eraser and the silver scrapbook paper, 3-1/4? by 3/4? will act as the metal that binds the pencil and eraser together. After all your pieces are cut, apply your double sided tape to the back of each piece. Begin wrapping the paper around the Lifesavers starting with the larger piece for the body, then the eraser, and finally the silver piece goes on last and overlaps both pieces, just as a pencil. Take your Hershey’s kisses and apply double sided tape to the bottom (or use a glue gun) and apply to the end of the Lifesavers with the Valentines Day paper. Voila, your pencil is complete. Attach favor tags with ribbon, and personalize to your child’s teacher or to the entire class