Velvet Pepper Bags 40% off 1 day only

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velvet pepper

If you love handbags then you need to go check out Velvet Pepper.  Right now they are having a 40% sale.  These bags are simply stunning and made to last!  They come in all sizes from a small coin purse to a diaper bag that can fit EVERYTHING you can think of inside.

velvet pepper3 They have lots of styles to pick from, but my personal favorite is the  Lily collection.  They have lots of accessories you can add to your bags to change them up a bit.

velvetpepper bag

These bags are pricey,  finding them on sale is a rare occasion.  SO this 40% sale is is a BIG DEAL!  But it is one day only… ends tonight so don’t wait go check it out Velvet Pepper! velvetpepper