VIP sale at Sears

A rep from Sears sent us this great offer for doing a giveaway back in December:


The first official VIP sale is this Sunday, January 10.

We’re kicking it off with a contest – it’s Sears’ way of saying thanks and offering you and your readers more savings! For every friend you share the sale info with, you get a chance to win up to $1,000 in Sears gift cards! Check out

For the VIP discounts on Jan 10, Sears is offering an additional 10-20% off of products that are already on sale, on top of discounts on almost everything in the store. The online sale is all day, while the VIP events are from 6-9 PM in-store:

Here’s a link to the PDF coupons, detailing all the ways you can save on Sunday:

Also, there’s a new Jewelry & Fashion Pass for even more fabulous savings in store – here’s a link: