What is A Thrifty Mom doing in Rhode Island? #CVSAccess #WhatsYourDeal

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CVS #CVSAccess

The last two days I have been in Rhode Island at the CVS headquarters.  What am I doing here?  Well I am having a great time being spoiled by the wonderful folks at CVS.  But I am also busy learning and giving feedback about CVS, their programs and how to make shopping in their store and online even better.

Amazing ideas like ordering your items online and picking them up instore with your prescriptions, WOW I know can you believe how cool that would be. The just rolled out a new program called MyWeekly Ad that will keep track of the items your family buys most and SHOW YOU the best deals on them, no need to scan the whole store.  They show you what you want at the best price. You can read more about the MyWeekly Ad here.

We bring you the CVS deals each week so you can learn to shop there, and use the ExtraCare programs.  BUT I do not even have a CVS store in Idaho…. so I am doing my best to convince them that we NEED A CVS IN IDAHO.  But till then I will just have to dream about shopping in this amazing store that offers such great deals, and so many ways to save.   I guess I can live thru you,  our readers and know that YES some day we might just get our very own CVS as well.

I have been sharing little silly videos, photos and information while on this trip via Instagram and Twitter.  You can follow us and see what I have been up to :).