Whole Watermelon only $3.88 ~ Stock Up Price

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albertsons watermelon

My 5 year old is ONE HAPPY GIRL… she love , love, loves watermelon.  She has since she was a baby… every single time I take her to the store she begs me to buy her a watermelon.  SO when summer finally comes it is time for me to finally say YES to those big blue eyes and watch her smile.  I made the mistake of saying yes to her this winter when they were NOT on sale and $17 dollars later I realized HOLY SMOKES that was NOT a thrifty deal.  Worst part was it was not even good inside.

So just in case you did not know Watermelons are only $3.88 each (yes for the whole melon) this week at Albertsons.   We had ours at dinner tonight and it was really good.   Which I can not take credit for picking out a good one, I totally hunted down our produce guy and had him help me pick a good one.  I love our produce guys, they are so helpful and friendly!

Albertsons has lots of other great deals check them out before you shop.