Winner to our first Twitter Party

Twitter Party
Well if you missed out on an action packed party tonight then stay tuned for another very soon! Prizes and times will be announced Monday 5/7

$20 Olive Garden Gift Card:
@andreama13 – Q1 Free Oscar Meyer Bacon #athriftymom -8:21 PM May 4th, 2012

$25 Regal Giftcard:
@MissPrettyLydi @athriftymom yes, and my jalepenos! #athriftymom -8:31 PM May 4th, 2012

$25 Visa GiftCard:
@ToodiesMomma @athriftymom A3: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome #athriftymom -8:38 PM May 4th, 2012

We had some issues with propper response for our big prize. Luckily the first response for it @Nuts4Coupons step down kindly and we arranged for them to get a Gift Card as well for $100 Visa Card for their kindness.
We need to make sure that all winners tweet us back first before emailing us… BUT we moved on and got through the confusion. And we were able to draw a new winner:

The winner of a brand new Kindle Fire:
@PrincessDavette @athriftymom no you can’t copy a printable coupon. #athriftymom -9:31 PM May 4th, 2012