Womens tops $7 Jackets only $10 ~ Ultimate Outlet sales you don’t want to miss

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ultimate outletHave you ever looked at the Ultimate Outlet? I had never heard of them before, then I had a reader tip me off about about their awesome sales.  That was last week and they were having a $10 sweater sale, they had $100 sweaters for only $10… yip that was enough to catch my attention. So I have been checking back to see what kind of deals I can find.

ultimate outlet 7

TODAY you can grab a top for only $7.00…wow! Lots of styles to pick from too. Everything from tanks, tees and jackets all for $7.00. Lots of colors to pick from on these lace trim tanks too.


But what really caught my eye was these Shape FX deals. These jackets are trendy and versatile. And you can not beat the price only $10! Hold-You-In Lace Panel  Portrait Collar Jacket  Only $10 (was $84.00)

Hold-You-In Jacket  Only $10 (was $79.99)


Ruched Pleated Top only $7.00 (was $39.00)

Another cute top Ruched Pleated Top, the line in front is great at making your look thin (well I don’t care about looking thin, but would love to hide my baby bump just a little, 4 kids do a wonder to your tummy). I love this color as well.  They also have a plus size section, so if you are looking for larger sizes be sure to check out the plus size sales as well.

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