Wordless Wednesday ~ Sparkly Turds (yip I said it)

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It was late Sunday evening and I was trying my best to get the kids settled into bed.  I noticed my kitchen floor had a little extra sparkle, but I knew the girls had been working on a snow-globe glitter project so I did not think much about it.  I then round the corner into my bedroom…. when I see a 4 foot section of my bedroom floor COVERED in 8 shades of sparkling glitter.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME….  hmmm I wonder who did this.  Who ever it was left his tool right in the middle of it all.

I call him in a stern, and frustrated tone… “MAVERIC”  He rounds the corner and before  I can even speak he says, “I’z sorry’s Mom”.   Well at least is was just glitter… best part (not really) the silly kid must have eaten it too, because he has been leaving me sparkly turds in his diaper all week… in 8 lovely shades LOL.

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wordless wednesday