Worm and Dirt Cake ~ Fun summer recipe for kids

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Worm and Dirt Cake

We recently had a blue and gold banquet for our cub scout troop and the boys were each responsible for bringing an outdoor themed cake.  I wanted my son to be able to do most of the work himself, since that was the point of them bringing them.  I was thinking about the cups of pudding we used to have as kids with crushed oreos on top and gummy worms and decided to incorporate that idea into a cake!

You will need

A chocolate cake mix and ingredients on the box

Chocolate graham crackers or oreos

Chocolate frosting

gummy worms

rolling pin and ziploc storage bag (for crushing the crackers)

Worm and dirt cake, #wormcake, #dirtcake, #cake, #grahamcrackers, #fundeserts, #chocolatecake, #quickdeserts, #easycake, #thriftydeserts

I usually make my own frosting, but since I was in charge of the event I decided one less thing to do and worry about would be best, so I bought a container of frosting.  Once the cake is baked according to the box directions, and cooled completely, spread the chocolate frosting over the cake.  Don’t worry about the imperfections or having it iced beautifully because it will be covered by cracker/ cookie crumbs.

Once the cake is frosted, put one package of your chocolate graham crackers (just one of the envelopes from inside the box, not the whole box) or the whole package of your oreos in a ziploc storage bag and use a rolling pin to crush them.  Some chunks are fine, dirt isn’t perfectly smooth there is always rocks or clumps in the dirt anyway.  This is another great way the kids can help!  My 9 year old did all the steps, I just stood back and directed him how to do it all which made him so proud!

Worm and dirt cake, #wormcake, #dirtcake, #grahamcrackers, #cake, #fundeserts, #quickdeserts, #chocolatecake, #easycake, #thriftydeserts

Once they are crushed pour them over the top of your cake, evening them out with your hand to make sure all the icing is covered.  Now just add your worms.  Gently push some down into the crumbs so they look like they are coming out of the dirt and you are done!

This is such a great, simple cake that is great for someone just learning their way around the kitchen.  Seeing how proud they are when they make something that looks awesome and tastes great is such a fun thing!

Worm and dirt cake, #wormcake, #dirtcake, #grahamcrackers, #cake, #fundeserts, #chocolatecake, #quickdeserts, #easycake, #thriftydeserts