Breakfast Bananas ~ Money Saving Recipe ~ Easy & Healthy

05/24/2012 12:01 pm · 4 comments

by A Thrifty Mom

Breakfast Bananas~Money Saving Recipe~Easy & Healthy by Tiffany

Here’s a quick, easy, healthy, fun breakfast idea that my kiddos absolutely love. You know what I love about this? Everything! There’s something about feeding my kids healthy that makes me feel sorta like a super mom. I can’t and don’t claim to be the best mom EVER, but knowing that they are getting something yummy that’s healthy for them too, score!


  • bananas, firm
  • peanut butter (I used Crunchy)
  • honey
  • favorite healthy cereal or granola (we used gluten free organic Koala Crisp cereal)


Peel banana half way down or more depending on your child hand size. You will want just enough skin left on the banana for the part to hold. Gently spread peanut butter all over exposed banana, drizzle with honey and roll in your favorite healthy cereal or granola. Enjoy!

Notes: You will want to use firm bananas, not green, (unless you like them that way) if you want to leave the peel on for your kids. Otherwise the banana will break off when trying to spread the peanut butter all over it. 🙂 Yes, I learned the hard way. If not, use softer bananas and remove the entire peel, doctor it up and serve on a plate. 🙂

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Hi Amy! I know all to well how challenging it can be to live a GF life style. My husband went GF earlier this year. You can find a lot of GF food items at Winco. This is where I get all of our breakfast cereals, like Chex, GF rice krispies and the cereal listed in this recipe. If you look in the bulk section of the store where you get the flour and such you can also find GF granola. They also carry GF pastas in bulk too. Here's a quick tip for a cheaper version on GF spaghetti noodles. Instead of paying the price for GF spaghetti noodles which are close to $4 a package, I buy rice sticks found in the ethnic isle at Winco. They are around $1 and some change and cook up just like pasta. My kids actually prefer these over regular spaghetti pasta. Hope this helps sweetie. Take care! Tiffany


What a great idea! thanks

Amy Ball
Amy Ball

I love this idea! Where do you find the Koala Crisp cereal? One of my twins was diagnosed in February with celiac disease, gluten free, so it has been a challenge on food choices. Thanks :)

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