Camping Party Decorations, Great Blue and Gold Banquet Idea

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Camping Party Decorations, Great Blue and Gold Banquet Idea

I am so excited by how great our blue and gold banquet turned out!  It was so simple and inexpensive but yet it turned out great!  I think it was a real hit.

We had a camping theme and it was super simple to decorate for.  Our budget was very small and yet we were able to make it look great.  We took a small, older tent, some coolers, some small artificial trees, camping chairs,  sleeping bags and a fire pit with wood in it and used tissue paper in it for the fire. We made centerpieces (that will be a blog post) That is it!  Everything that we already had on hand.  Luckily we were using a church gym so we had plenty of room. We left half of the gym to be used for different activities, but the rest of the gym was decorated.

My favorite part was the fire pit in the middle.  Not only was it really cute, but we had the children gather around it for stories and camp songs during the evening.  They thought that was great!

Not only did it look great, but it just shows that you don’t need over the top decor to make a party a hit!  Just a few key pieces can really have a great impact.

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