I learned something new – Thrifty Tip

Did you know Ablertsons will accept Walgreens catalina coupons?

I love it when I learn something new about saving money. ?
So I thought I would pass this info on to you. ?
?FIRST– a catalina is a coupon that prints out at the register AFTER you have paid. It can be used like cash on your next purchase. ?A lot of time you have to buy and certian combo of items in the same transaction. ?Or lets say you buy toothpaste at the normal price for $3, but a catalina prints after you pay for $2 off, which makes the toothpaste like paying only $1. ?If you are not really into coupons ?many people don’t use these in time, or they get lost. ?The store was able to sell you an item at full price, that looked like a sale price. ?I have to admit I have lost a few. So hold on to those catalina…they are money in your pocket. ? ?These sales ?are a great way to be THRIFTY.
What I learned yesterday…
I was told by my friend Kim that you can use Walgreens register rewards (catalinas) ?at Albertsons, they ring up as a MFR ( manufacturer coupon). ?So yesterday when I was shopping at Albertsons I asked the store Manager about it, and he said yes they are happy to except them. ?So I was able to use my Walgreens catalina coupons with several great sales at Albertsons and saved alot of money. ?I hope this info helps you become A THRIFTY MOM.?