Candy Corn Marshmallows ~ DIY make your Hot Chocolate extra special

09/30/2012 12:00 pm · 4 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

Fall is here and the mornings come with a chill in the air.  My kids have been asking for hot chocolate with their breakfast. They love marshmallows in their hot chocolate. The other day they were talking about how yummy a candy corn marshmallow would be… so I decided to surprise them with a candy corn hot chocolate.  I tried to make some with dipping chocolate and that was a huge mess,  next I tried to paint a candy corn with food color…. about to give up I tried to make them with sprinkles.   I guess the 3rd time is a charm because it worked, and they turned out really cute!  My kids were beyond  excited then they woke up this morning to find a candy corn waiting for them in their hot chocolate.

All you need to make these is …

  • Stacker Mallows
  • Yellow and Orange Sprinkles
  • Sharp knife
Cut the Stacker Mallows down the middle.  You have to cut them in half so they are sticky and the sprinkles will stick.  Then take a sharp knife and cut triangles out of each side.  I was able to get  3 triangles out of each side… so one Stacker Mallows will give you 6 candy corns. Take the bottom and dip it into the yellow sprinkles, then the orange ones  to make it look like a candy corn.
These would be fun to make up and serve with hot chocolate at a Halloween Party!

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Tonya B
Tonya B

I have to try this! thanks for sharing

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