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As a Mom to 5 kids, I have seen my share of melt downs over the past 15 years, and funny reasons kids cry. Most the time when my “little humans” cry my heart cries right along with them. I want to wipe away their tears, kiss their ouchy better and snuggle them until they feel better.  But other times it is all I can do to keep it together and not bust out laughing at them.  Let’s face it there are some FUNNY REASONS KIDS CRY! It is not that we do not love our kids and have turned heartless, it is just flat out funny.

my-kid-lost-it-today-funny-reasons-kids-cry-silly-reason-why-my-child-was-crying-parenting-tips-and-hacks FUNNY REASONS KIDS CRY

Last month we had my daughters 9th birthday party, we were decorating cupcakes.  I put a bright and colorful number 9 on top and everyone started to sing Happy Birthday To You.  Just then my 2 year old daughter busted out crying, as if we broke her heart. We kept singing but were trying not to laugh at the same time. Funny thing is she cryings every time she hears that song. Not sure why, but if you sing the happy birthday song  to her and she bust out crying!

Funny Reason Kids Cry GIVEAWAY

This made me think, I bet other parents have stories to share of funny reasons kids cry. So lets make a little game/ giveaway of funny reasons kids cry.  Go back through your phone and find photos of your kids losing it, and make sure you leave a comment of WHY they were crying.  You can add as many photos as you want, each one counts as an entry.  By sharing the photo you are giving us permission to post the photo on our site or social media channels.  PLEASE only share photos of your own children, do NOT search the internet for random kids… only share photos of your own kids.

You can share the photos on this post in the comment below, or you can share the photo on our facebook live video (that I will link to after I do the video).  In one week we will put all the entrees into a 3rd party and pick a winner. The winner will receive a $30 visa gift card!

So what are you waiting for, go find some great photos and tell us the Funny Reason Your Child Is Crying. You might just be the winner, ready set go 🙂

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Digging up Fossils

Our kids spend hours playing like they are digging up fossils. They go on hunts for them in the backyard too. We start by making putting them in the ground and allowing them to harden up. Not in normal dirt although you could do that. But we place them in a large baking pan. We add in a bowl equal parts sand or loose dirt to plaster of paris and mix in the water to a thick slurry. And push the dinosaurs down into the dirt in various positions. Then set it out to let it harden for a day or two. And then set the pan outside or on the table with a table cloth under it, and let the kids being exploring.  You can even have them try and dig it out so that they can match it to photos of the dinosaurs in their favorite book.

This activity is perfect for all kids.

Not only the ones who love dinosaurs but all of them because they can explore and search.  It challenges them and is like opening a new gift every time.

Now you could get a premade kit. And that is how we started in the beginning. The tools come with it and the dinosaur is pre-buried. And then you can use the same dirt and wet it with some more plaster of paris if you’d like.

For much younger kids like three and four sometimes just loose dirt is best for their little hands.

Then after they are all done playing with it, you can remake the dirt and re-bury the dinosaurs again for the next time they want to explore.

smithsonian excavation fossil dig

Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex

  • Dig up a plastic skeleton of a t-ren
  • Waiting to be unearthed
  • Assemble the bones
  • Into a cool t-rex
  • Detailed instructions

More replacements

plastic dinosaurAssorted Dinosaur Fossil Skeleton 5-6″ Figures, 12-Piece

Set of Dinosaur Skeletons includes twelve different 3 dimensional figures that stand up to 4-3/4 Inch tall or 6 Inch long. They’re made from flexible plastic and can stand up on their own. Great fun indoors or out. You can even have a prehistoric dig and bury these “fossil like” figures and dig them back up, wash them off and play some more – great fun digging up fossils.

  • 6″ – 7″ Long
  • Fossil Skeleton
  • Assorted Dinosaurs
  • Fun to the bone!
  • Size: From 4-3/4″ tall up to 6 Inch long
  • Great party favors
  • Fun items for pretend play


metal fossil dig toolsSE DD312 12-Piece Stainless Steel Carvers Set

These are so much fun for the older kids. They get to pretend like they are actually using real tools on real bones as they pick the dirt out of the skeletons.

  • Durable & long-lasting stainless steel construction
  • Double-sided for a variety of shapes & uses
  • Great for carving, shaping, modeling, cutting & scraping


plaster of paris
Dap Plaster of Paris Box Molding Material, 4.4-Pound, White

  • Great for plaster repairs; hobby molds; and casts
  • Sets in 20-30 minutes
  • Can be painted with any oil or latex-based paint

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Portable Bunk bed ~ Camping gear you never knew existed, but now want

Must Have for Hunting Season, Camping, and enjoying the outdoors. Also makes for great places for visitors who come stay at your home. This Portable Bunk bed Cot is easy to store away, and pack up.

Portable Bunk Beds, Camping hacks that will change your life, Bunkable cot perfect for living or camping in small spaces

Bunkable Cot or a Portable Bunk bed

I saw these this weekend and thought WOW, now that is camping in style. Perfect for large groups with small spaces. With 5 kids we are always looking for space saving ideas. Cots are so much more comfortable to sleep on, instead of the hard ground. But they take up a lot of floor space so this is a brilliant solution.  I also love that these Portable Bunk beds also double as a couch.

  • Bunkable cot system fits 2 people, compatible to a broad range of tents and dome structures used in recreational camping
  • Bunkable to maximize floor space, with a height off the ground of 11 in. and distance between cots 21 in
  • Frame is manufactured using rust resistant and powder coated steel that is robust, ultra strong with a weight tolerance of 500 lbs. per single cot
  • 28″ wide sleeping deck materials dry quickly with proper ventilation and are removable for cleaning
  • Includes two side organizers that attach onto the sleeping deck for the storage of personal items


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Personalized Child Beach or Camping Chair with Umbrella Kids Folding Camp Chairs

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Oreo Cookie Bats, a fun and easy Halloween treat that is sure to make your family smile!  They are crazy easy to make too, oh and did I mention only 4 ingredients. Gotta love an easy recipe that is this adorable!

And check out our How To Video beloweasy-halloween-treat-ideas-fast-halloween-party-food-recipes-oreo-cookie-bats

Oreo Cookie Bats Easy Halloween Treats

How many of you have a Halloween party every year? Or maybe just watch a spooky movie and make some fun treats to share with your friends and family?  If you are looking for an EASY recipe that is spooky and cute then you are going to love these Oreo Cookie Bats. So easy that my 9 and 11 year old girls totally made these all by themselves.



First step, you will want to melt your chocolate chips or melting chocolate. I do this by putting them in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time. Take them out and stir them each time, until smooth and melted.  I melted mine in a Ziploc bag, and then cut the tip off the corner to use it like a piping bag.  Make sure your whole is not too big. This will allow you to have better control of your melted chocolate.

Next you will want to take the filling out of your large Oreo’s. You just need the cookie part not the filling. You will need 1/2 of the cookie (or one whole side) for each bat you make.  Once you take the frosting out of the middle, break each side in half. This will now become the wings to your bat.

Place  the wings of your bat face down on a plate. The rounded edge is the top of the wing and the broken cookie part is the bottom. Add some melted chocolate to the tip of each of these, and put a mini Oreo on the middle. The mini Oreo will become the body of your bat.  These will need to sit, and allow the chocolate to firm up or your bats will fall apart.  If you are in a hurry move them into the freezer and they will firm up, within just a few minutes.

Once the chocolate has cooled and the wings are secured to the bat body. Flip over your bat and add two drops of chocolate to the front and attach the candy eyeballs. Allow for the chocolate to harden and you are ready to eat your Oreo Cookie Bats!


Watch our How To Video


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