Firework Tie Dye Shirts ~ Made with Sharpie markers and Rubbing Alcohol #DIY #Craft

My girls wanted to make shirts for the 4th of July, so we deiced to make Tie Dye shirts with sharpies.  Inspired from the...

Fast and Easy Lunch for Kids – English Muffin Pizzas

English Muffin Pizzas Recipe It's Katie! It's summer and my kids are hungry. All. The. Time. They get bored of leftovers and sandwiches so for...

Road trip bingo free printable

Road trip bingo free printable Get this Road trip bingo free printable before your summer vacations. Comes with 4 different cards so you don't all...

Cookie smores

Cookie smores Get your smore on with these Cookie smores, our take on a classic Cookie smores It is summer and that means staying up late and...

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