Fashion Style Board Round Up ~ Style for less

 This week I started a new feature on our site.  I put together a style board but also gave you links as to where to find the items on the board.  We got a great response from the first one so we made a few more.  As long as you keep leaving comments and sharing these boards we will keep making them.  Let me know what your favorite one was this week 🙂

You can Pin these boards on PINTEREST as well. cool pink style fashion board

Cool Pink items start low as $1.24 shipped FREE

copycat style match for less

Copy Cat Style match for less items start low as $2.92 or get the whole outfit for under $73.00

tactical gear

The Outdoors Man ~ items start low as $5.99

fall into orange and brown fashion style board

Fall into green and orange ~ Items start low as $3.49 shipped free

teal style fashion board

Snow globe frost with teal and brown ~ items low as $3.29 shipped free

50's dress style board

50’s beauty queen ~ Items start low as $3.09

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I love the copy cat style match. All of the boards are fabulous. I have a difficult time choosing a favorite. I do definitely want these to continue. If you are enjoying putting them together, I want you to know I’m enjoying shopping from them! Please continue!