Glass Jar Upcycle ~ DIY Mercury Glass Inspired Vintage Vase #Hacks

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by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

Glass jar easy upcycle  , DIY Mercury Glass Inspired Vintage Vase #EasyCenterPieceIdea, #Decorations,#DIYDo you eve need a vase to give to a friend filled with flowers…. or just want something pretty on your table.  This DIY Mercury Glass Inspired Vintage Vase project is SO easy to make, but come out looking fabulous.   If you are looking for low cost center prices for a party, garden wedding or brunch this is a perfect solution.

Items Needed:

Glass jar easy upcycle


Coat the inside of your vase or jar with Modge Podge. If the opening is wide enough you can use a foam brush to paint it on. If not, pour a little in at a time and swirl the bottle until the inside is coated well.Glass jar easy upcycle

Immediately after applying the glue, add 1 cap full of Rit dye into the vase. If your container has a lid, close the lid, if not place a small piece of cardboard over the top and hold into place.Glass jar easy upcycle

Give the container a really good shake! Shake until the entire inside is colored.

Allow to dry for 24 hours uncovered.

If there is a lot of excess glue and dye, place upside down for a few hours to allow to drain than flip it back over to continue to dry.Glass jar easy upcycle  , DIY Mercury Glass Inspired Vintage Vase #EasyCenterPieceIdea, #Decorations,#DIY

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Kari Loomis
Kari Loomis

Kelly Stubblefield Perkins - fun idea for the kids :)

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