How to make Chicken Gravy from drippings

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by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

Chicken Gravy Recipe

Yesterday I told you all how Matt came to my rescue and cooked the chicken for me. ¬†If you missed it click here... it may make you smile ūüôā ¬†So yes I did NOT cook the bird, but I did make the gravy and thought I would share the recipe in case some of you have never made gravy from the drippings before.

This time I had about 2 cups of drippings in the bottom of the baking dish after roasting the chicken in the oven.  Pour the drippings into a large sauce pan.  If there is lots of fat skim some of it off.  Heat the drippings up, over medium- heat and bring it to a boil

In another bowl add 1 tablespoon corn starch to 1/2 cup of cold water. ¬†Mix till all the lumps are out of the corn starch and it is well mixed… then you can slowly add it your chicken drippings. ¬†Whisk the whole time, to prevent lumps. ¬† Stir at a full boil for 1 minute, then turn heat off and let stand for 1 minute. ¬†Salt and pepper to taste (chicken gravy tends to need a lot of salt).

¬†If you like your gravy a little thicker add a little more corn starch to your “corn starch water mixture”

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