I went to a Halloween party dressed in my Grandma’s Vintage clothes ~Moments I want to Remember

If you do not already follow us on Instagram we would love to have you, and share in the Moments We Want To Remember each week!Grandma Callahans vintage dressI went to a Halloween party yesterday in my Grandma Callahan’s vintage clothes. She passed away two years ago, I miss her dearly. She had lots of cute clothes from her younger years which some of my cousins inherited. This double knit outfit was in a pile that no one wanted, my Mom thought maybe she would turn some of her old clothes into a quilt instead of donating them to DI. I was pregnant and it didn’t fit and I even thought it was a tad ugly… Yet it was a piece of my Grandma’s history… Her story. So I took it home with me.
I had bought this hat and another dress at a vintage sale and planned to wear it today.. But out of the blue remembered my Grandma’s dress so I tried it on… IT FIT. I got all emotional, so strange to be wearing her clothes. I wonder what she did or saw in this dress? Wish I could ask her.
So today I went dressed as my cute hip Grandma… I am so glad I saved this dress. I’m rather fond of it now… Heck I might even wear it to church. Love you Grandma thanks for being such a huge part of my life!

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Mami Wexler

Your story reminded that I should try on some of my grandmas’ jacketsU0001f609

Heather Bogosian

I love that dress. It’s super cute!