Turn your stroller into a scooter

Turn your stroller into a scooter

We have all been there. After a long walk pushing the stroller we all wish we could be the ones in the stroller being pushed. Why cant the kids push us?  That might never actually happen, especially with a little one. But why cant we just jump on and ride with them? With the Scooter Stroller you attach the scooter to the back of your stroller and you can ride along with your stroller. Simply push along the stroller like you would any scooter and you and your child can glide right along.

Maybe you have a toddler too little to keep up but too big for another stroller when you had to make room for the new baby? Just let them stand on the scooter while you walk on either side, or even push it along like a tandem scooter.
scooter stroller attachmentTurn your Stroller into a Scooter with the Strooter

  • Instantly turn your stroller into a scooter for you! Ride your stroller like a scooter! The Strooter attaches easily onto your big wheel urban stroller, instantly transforming it into a super-cool adult scooter.
  • Enjoy cruising together with your family – Keep up with your kids on their scooters or bikes and keep them safe
  • Save time – Get to where you’re going much faster! Expand your walkable distance – What seemed too far to walk, now feels close by
  • Great workout – We’re not about to make any outrageous fitness claims, but don’t be surprised if you notice your thighs feeling tight and firm
  • Designed with safety in mind. Super stable and easy to steer as you cruise along. It’s low to the ground so it’s easy to push and stay in control – Super easy to steer as you cruise along – Removes easily and hangs out of the way when you’re ready to go inside

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