Personalized Pumpkin ~ Low cost, Fall Decor Ideas #Fall, #Pumpkins,#Crafts

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Fall Decor ideas, Easy fall Decorations, Personalized Pumpkins, #Fall, #Pumpkins, #Hacks,#CraftsEasy Personalized Pumpkin

Perfect for your front porch, kitchen table or fall party. Personalizing a pumpkin is the perfect way to add some character to your fall décor. You can buy personalized pumpkins, but who wants to spend that kind of money? Instead, take a look at how we made our own personalized pumpkin, using materials from our local dollar store. It is so easy!Fall Decor ideas, Easy fall Decorations, Personalized Pumpkins, #Fall, #Pumpkins, #Hacks,#Crafts

Here is what you will need:

We found these materials at our local Dollar Tree store. Our Dollar Tree carries a variety of peel and stick letters in various colors and sizes. Buy what appeals to you. You can also find them online.

Fall Decor ideas, Easy fall Decorations, Personalized Pumpkins, #Fall, #Pumpkins, #Hacks,#CraftsDirections:

1. Take a ruler and make small dots to measure out where you want your letters to go. Using the ruler will help you keep the letters straight as well as properly spaced.

2. Apply a thin layer of craft glue to the pumpkin. Make the layer thin so when it dries it can’t be seen.

3. Working quickly, start peeling and sticking the letters. The glue will help them adhere to the pumpkin well.

Once your letters are in place, your easy personalized pumpkin is ready to be displayed. Make one for yourself, or make one as a gift and really get into the Halloween mood for less!


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