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by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

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Thanks To Becky at  NOT YOUR ORDINARY AGENT for this Thrifty Light recipe:

Quick Quinoa Stir-fry

I’m going to be very honest.  I’ve had quinoa at the Whole Foods salad bar and I wasn’t impressed.  It didn’t do much for me, how about that?  Well, after a recommendation from a Twitter friend, I decided I needed to find a tastier recipe.  I searched a trustworthy site and discovered a stir-fry recipe using quinoa.  It turned out to be really good!  My girls loved it too!  They’ve gagged on risotto, so I was nervous giving this to them.  They wanted seconds!  Both of them!

What You Will Need:

  • ¾ C Original Quinoa
  • 1 red pepper,chopped
  • 1 C snow peas,snapped
  • 1 medium carrot,
  • sliced 1 piece of ginger (about 3 inches), peeled and grated
  • 2 frozen pieces of Italian marinated chicken (trust me on this)


What You Already Have:

  • 1 generous T of vegetable oil
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 3/4 C Water
  • 3 T low sodium Soy Sauce
  • 1 T garlic
  • Small pot
  • Cookie sheet lined with foil
  • Large skillet Large plate strainer

1)      Rinse the quinoa in a strainer.  Add to small pot with water.

2)      Bring to a boil.  Cover, simmer for 15 minutes.

3)      Preheat oven to 350?.  Place two pieces of chicken on baking sheet.  Roast for 25 minutes.

4)      While quinoa and chicken cook, cut up veggies.

5)      Heat oil over large skillet over medium-high heat.

6)      Add carrot and cook for 3 minutes.

7)      Add pepper, ginger, and garlic.  Cook for 2 minutes.

8)      Add peas to pepper mixture.  Mix all vegetables so evenly coated.  Transfer to large plate.

9)      Cut chicken into cubes. 10)   Add cooked quinoa and egg to skillet.  Make sure you stir quickly to coat quinoa evenly.
11)   Add chicken and veggies to skillet.  Cook for another 5 minutes, adding soy sauce gradually until coated. 12)   Serve.

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According to an online resource, Quinoa is an amino acid-rich (protein) seed that has a fluffy, creamy, slightly crunchy texture and a somewhat nutty flavor when cooked. I bought a bag at Costco months ago, not knowing what it was, but saw it was pretty high in protein, so I bought it and started trying it out. =) I use it in place of rice sometimes. It's very good. By the way, thank you for sharing this recipe today!! I made the dish tonight and it came out delicious!! Never would have thought about eggs and soy sauce with the Quinoa, but it came out so yummy! Thank you!


Quinoa is like a rice but has more of a pasta taste to it.


Can someone explain to me what quinoa is?

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