We want your Healthy, Light Recipes…. you could win $25

With 2011 rolling in, many of us have set new goals.  On most peoples list  you will find goals that sound something like this… be  more active, loose weight, smaller portions,work out  or just trying to live a healthy life style.  So we wanted to support your efforts, and help your new goals become a new lifestyle not just a short term fad.

January’s featured post series will be called Thrifty Light Recipes.  Believe it or not light healthy recipes can, and do taste delicious.  BUT if you get the wrong one, they can also taste like cardboard with dry wall spackle on top.  The key is to find those “winning” home tested, family approved light meals and add them to your families menu and eat them regularly.

So what we are asking from our readers is…. Please share your families favorite healthy recipe or recipes.  Feel free to tell us why you love it, photos if you have them, and anything else that you would like to add.   Also try to think of recipes that are thrifty was well.  Our goal is to gather as many recipes as we can, and in-power you with the recipes and knowledge  you will need to contiue or start your healthy meal plan for 2011.

At the end of the month, one lucky entry will be selected for all the entries and will WIN A $25 GIFT CARD! Please submit your recipes on this post, or to our email with the  word Thrifty Recipe on the subject line.

***I am not a dietitian  or health food expert, so yes everyones  idea of healthy or  light may be a bit different.  But we welcome all ideas and recipes.

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