Recipes for kids ~ Silly Apple Smiles

My 7 year old daughter loves to do projects, and loves to read.  But she is not reading your standard 1st grade books she LOVES to read cook books.  She saw this Silly Smile Recipe the other day and just had to try it.  It was quick and easy and my kids loved it so, I am sure Silly Apple Smiles we be on our Menu Plan in the future.

You will need ( makes 8 apple smiles)

  • 1 large apple (an variety will work)
  • 4 tablespoons peanut butter
  • 40 mini marshmallows
Cut the apple in half, cut it in half again (making 4 quarters)  Take the core out
Then cut each of the quarters into 4 thin slices (for a total of 16 apple slices)
Separate then into groups of 2, add peanut butter to the top and bottom of one side, line the mini marshmallows up to look like teeth and place the other half on top.
Simple as that you have a Silly Apple Smile

Recipe was adapted from the Friend Magazine October issue

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Tina Baily

I used to make these for my kids when they were young. It always made them smile.

Sierra Jade Zontelli

Katie Robinson

Wendy Pittman-Russ

Too sweet Tara Treeowl

Rici McWhinney

I’d love to do this for my daughter’s class party, but her school is a peanut-free zone. 🙁

A Thrifty Mom

But then again Nutella makes everything better lol

A Thrifty Mom

Mmm! That does sound good.

Gale Gangi

Nutella instead of pb might be a tasty option!

Brenda Sweeney


Ashley Johnson

Lyndsey Ann Reinsma wouldn’t this be cute?

Tara Treeowl

Wendy Pittman-Russ yummy !! I’m making one today;)

Shea Marie

To cute!

Kimberly Crowther Campbell
Kimberly Crowther Campbell

Nikole another healthy snack