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by Sarah A Thrifty Mom

What is on a the menu at our house?

I get an email at least once a week asking me what I feed my family. Most of them are  just wanting to learn how to cross over from the habit of shopping daily for that days menu plan.  While others are convinced we eat  nothing but processed food.  They see the photos of what I buy that week and can not seem to wrap their brain around the idea of cooking from that weeks promo items and your stockpile.

Some of you “type A” personality’s  are much more organized than me, and I am sure there is a rotation chart or something fancy that would make menu planning easier.  But I do what works for me, I plan my meals around the fresh promo items that I get that week.  As well as what I get in my Bountiful Basket that week.  I then use my food storage or stockpile items, as well as freezer items to plan my meals.

Being that I do not write my menu out a week in advance  I am sharing last weeks menu with you!  Hope it helps you understand that eating from your stockpile can be made a way of life,  is both rewarding and thrifty!


  • late breakfast/ early lunch- Yogurt smoothies and Pancakes
  • Dinner- Pulled  BBQ Pork over rice, Freezer corn


  • Breakfast- Scrambles eggs and carnation instant breakfast
  • Lunch- Left over BBQ Pork with rice
  • Dinner- Chicken and Rice, with steamed broccoli


  • Breakfast-  Hot Oatmeal
  • Lunch- Left over  Chicken and rice
  • Dinner-  BLT sandwiches, Chips and sliced  fruit



  • Breakfast- Cold Cereal
  • Lunch-  Egg Salad sandwiches, chips and carrot sticks
  • Dinner- White beans with dumplings


  • Breakfast- Yogurt and Granola
  • Lunch- BLT sandwiches
  • Friday- Home Made Pizza


  • late breakfast/ early lunch- Blue Berry Breakfast Cake
  • Dinner- Eat out with family at Grandmas house


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Sunday- roast- I put a roast on in the morning in the slow cooker. First I put 4 stalks of celry on the bottom. Season the meat using- salt, pepper, lawrys seasoning salt, paprkia and garlic. Of that I put one can of orginal Rotel tomatoes. I cook all day on high. If I have time I put carrots and potatoes in the last 2 hours. If not I make sugar carrots (carrots boiled in alittle water until tender. Pour off water than add salt, pepper, butter and a couple tablespoons sugar. My son will even eat them that way. Than I make mashed potatoes. Monday- Homemade spagetti sauce (I freeze a bunch of ziploc bag full. Recipe at bottom of page) green beans garlic bread Tuesday_ baked potatoes chili onions, cheese, sourcream Wednesday- muligan stew (I buy family packs of sirloin hamburger & cook up half of it in small chucks. Than it is ready for tacos, stew, chili or whatever super easy) Thursday- homemade chicken pot pie (I buy the huge packs of frozen at Costco) I boil the chicken than cube it. Cut up carrots, celery and potatoes and boil them until tender. Than in casarole dish add green beans, peas and cream of chicken soup. Top off with bisquits. Friday- Tacos (using the hamburger that I already cooked I buy the Casa Valdez family packs I also use cabbage instead of lettuce. I learned this from a friend that lives in a remote part of Nevada and who only shop once a month. That cabbage will last the whole month. Beside it taste great and is crunchy. Saturday- chicken rice mixed veggies Sunday- Mini meatloafs (using some of the sirloin that I already froze, onion, bread crumbs, parmasen cheese, egg, salt, pepper. Cook at 375 for 45 minutes. Than brush with ketchup and cook for 15 mins more. Mashed potatoes corn Breakfast- My husband leaves for work at 4:30am so I make 30 breakfast burritos for him each month than freeze them. I cook up 2 dozen eggs, sausage, ham, hamburger, ground turkey, cheese, green peppers and onions. Than I just assemble them using different combination for each one. I also make omelettes and hashbrowns and freeze them. Lunches- I freeze all leftovers for my husband lunches. So at anytime there will be meatloaf, spagetti, lasagna and porkchops to send instead of store bought frozen meals. Easiest Spagetti Sauce ever: 1/4c olive oil 12-15 cloves of garlic, chopped (I used the jar kind already minced) 1/2-1 onion, chopped 1 red bell pepper, chopped (yellow or orange is okay, but no green) 10-12 mushrooms, chopped 1 28-oz. can Italian Style crushed tomatoes 1 28-oz. can tomato sauce 1 12-oz. can tomato paste 1/2-1 cup red wine (Can also use water instead) 1 Tablespoon basil 1 1/2 large can water 1 1/2 cup parmesan cheese 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper (1 packet of Pizza Huts red pepper) 1 tsp salt 1/2 pepper 2 tbsp sugar In large stock pan heat olive oil add bell pepper, onion and mushroom saute until crisp-tender. Add garlic and saute a couple more minutes. Next add the crushed tomatoes, sauce, paste, basil,wine, water, parmesan, pepper, salt, sugar and red pepper. Bring to a near boil then reduce heat and allow sauce to simmer uncovered for the next 3 hours. Met mixture (optional) 1 - 1 1/2 lbs ground beef or turkey 3/4 cups bread crumbs 2/3 cup parmesan cheese 2 eggs Combine ground meat, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese and eggs and brown as you would ground beef. After sauce has simmered for 3 hours add browned meat mixture to sauce. This is where I put it all into a food processor and blend until smooth. That way all kids will eat it. Taste at this point and see if you need more salt. Put back onto stove and cook for 1 more hour. This make a big batch. Sounds hard but really not if you get several meals out of it like spagetti, lasanga or pizza. When you taste it and it taste a little bitter from the tomatoes add more sugar. This will even out the tomatoes. You can also add carrots or zuchinni to it. I have had alot of people that do not like veggie love this sauce. This secret is just not tell them that there is anything besides tomatoes in it. :)

Mara @ Super Savings
Mara @ Super Savings

That's exactly how I cook too! I kind of feel bad not menu planning since it seems to work so well for so many people, but this way is working really great for our family of seven. It's good to see someone else "planning" the same way! ;) Mara @ Super Savings

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