$0 prescription glasses, just paid shipping! Now that is Thrifty!

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Free prescription glasses from Coastal Contacts ~get yours too

If you or someone you love needs a pair or an extra pair now is a good time … when they are the cost of shipping!!!

This is the FREE pair of prescription glasses I ordered for my daughter. They fit great and she has NO complaints about them.

I ordered them Monday, June 10 and they arrived in the mail June 14th!!! Best part … I only paid $9.95 shipping!!!

I shared my ordering process with you here

I did get a copy of my daughters prescription and the office measured her current glasses all of this aided she and I in finding a pair that she liked and would work for her.  🙂


  1. This is what happens when you don’t spend much time on the compter….you miss deals like this.

  2. This was the best deal I have ever used!!! The best glasses and all the extras that I have to pay for at my eye doctor! I love this company!

  3. We ordered a pair of glasses from Coastal and are VERY impressed! The toll-free CS line is very helpful in figuring out how to place your order. The glasses are beautiful, packaging perfectly, and shipped out fast (even coming from Canada!) They include a small package with glass cleaner, small keychain screwdriver kit, and cleaning cloth). WONDERFUL!

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